RAWR Reboot


After a very silent past half year RAWR is finally undergoing some long awaited changes. After the Corps Meeting in August 2013 the army activity dropped rather quickly and many left either due to Firefall not providing the fun they were seeking or personal obligations. However some members of RAWR stayed all the way through these past few months, but most of the time one wouldn't even know about other RAWR members, due to the fact that we were split into seven armies with each holding only a few active players.


Update From The RAWR Corps


Some of you may have already heard the news, for the others and to make it official, here's a news update. Kryyss has decided to step down as leader, due to family related reasons. After discussing the situation with the most invested players of the RAWR Corps, we decided to keep the army running. Thus Kryyss will still be part of RAWR, but he won't be running the Corps. We're currently organizing things further in the background and are thinking about how RAWR will be lead in the future.

But next to the unfortunate news, we've also a lot of great stuff going on. Pandemic has gotten onto the development team and rewrote with his amazing talent part of the rather messy code for the Live Resource Feed. He's also working on finalizing the Nanoprint Database everyone has been eagerly waiting for and so far the result look great - so keep yourselves posted! Regarding development, we can't forget to mention that the iOS app created by The-Killer for checking your printer status, has been finally release and is available in the App Store.

Astrek Does The Full Monty!


It has been a big week for our friends over at AstrekAssociation.com as well! They've had some systems outages today but they assure everyone they hope the problem will be corrected soon. They did a complete strip of there website recently and gave all of their guides a complete update in time for Open Beta, a huge congratulations to Siha and Kristakis on pulling that off because I know that must have kept them busy for along time over the recent weeks in the run up to Open Beta. For our new players, Astrek started up around 6 months ago and have been producing amazing guides on everything Firefall related on an almost weekly basis. You need to really visit their site and check our what they have to offer. They also launched their Facebook page recently but players can also follow them on Twitter as well!